With a declining and ageing population, society is changing. Amidst this, administrative policy is worsening, and local municipalities’ ability to solve a host of problems is in turn on the decline.

At the same time, a range of natural disasters are on the rise, and, in the aftermath of such episodes, those victims rescued by average citizens far outnumber those being saved by traditional institutions like the police, fire brigade, and armed forces. As a result, local communities are being looked at with increasing interest as the future stewards of such problems.

We focus on localized festivals and events. Using these as a catalyst to engage and gather local residents of all ages, we are helping stimulate the region and create new opportunities for exchange.

Creating more opportunities for special events of this nature also tightens bonds in the community and gets people excited to participate, making everyone happier — from our employees and colleagues, to the local community, to customers, to investors and supporters making these event spaces a possibility. Together, we hold a shared vision and make these projects a reality.

We want to share this happiness with the world and support local communities in resolving the various issues they face, contributing to a brighter tomorrow.

To that end, we are building an organizational framework and broadcasting these ideas with the world. Our aim is to become a trusted pillar of society and revitalize communities, the economy, disaster prevention activities. Wishing to give back, we have established ourselves as a non-profit organization and created these festival events.








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  1. 2017-9-1

    神在月 出雲大社

    八百万の神々が集うはじまりの儀式 出雲大社『神迎神事・神迎際』 旧暦10月(新暦(今の…
  2. 2017-8-30


    「もってこーい」の掛け声で盛り上がる!370年以上の伝統を持つ祭礼 『長崎くんち』 …
  3. 2017-8-25


    伊勢でこの日にしか見られない! 日本の祭りが熱く華麗に演舞する 『神嘗奉祝祭』(かんなめほうしゅ…
  4. 2015-8-19


    若衆が馬と一体となり勇敢に駆け抜ける!伝統の奉納行事 『高浜おまんと祭り』 …
  5. 2015-8-15


    写真:(公社)びわこビジターズビューロー 様より からくり人形が表現する高い文化性と、庶民の楽…


  1. 国宝『松江城』

  2. 新そばの季節だよ!食べに来てごしない!『そばまつり』

  3. 歴史が物語る 霊験あらたかな神社『須佐神社』

  4. 修行道場として栄えた歴史ある古刹 隆盛の姿そのままに『大山寺』

  5. 2つの神が鎮座する霊験あらたかな神社『日御碕神社』

  6. 神々にも愛されてきた天然化粧水 神の湯 玉造温泉

  7. 日本一の高さを誇る歴史ある灯台『出雲日御碕灯台』