Founding goal


With a declining and ageing population, society is changing. Amidst this, administrative policy is worsening, and local municipalities’ ability to solve a host of problems is in turn on the decline.

At the same time, a range of natural disasters are on the rise, and, in the aftermath of such episodes, those victims rescued by average citizens far outnumber those being saved by traditional institutions like the police, fire brigade, and armed forces. As a result, local communities are being looked at with increasing interest as the future stewards of such problems.

We focus on localized festivals and events. Using these as a catalyst to engage and gather local residents of all ages, we are helping stimulate the region and create new opportunities for exchange.

Creating more opportunities for special events of this nature also tightens bonds in the community and gets people excited to participate, making everyone happier — from our employees and colleagues, to the local community, to customers, to investors and supporters making these event spaces a possibility. Together, we hold a shared vision and make these projects a reality.

We want to share this happiness with the world and support local communities in resolving the various issues they face, contributing to a brighter tomorrow.

To that end, we are building an organizational framework and broadcasting these ideas with the world. Our aim is to become a trusted pillar of society and revitalize communities, the economy, disaster prevention activities. Wishing to give back, we have established ourselves as a non-profit organization and created these festival events.









  1. 一体となり神を担ぎ練り歩く『白潟天満宮の例大祭』(天神さん夏祭り)

  2. 出雲大社涼殿祭で神の草『真菰(まこも)』のご利益を!参拝者が夏の無病息災を願う

  3. 光と水の祭典!江の川祭花火大会

  4. 地域応援会員(寄付会員)とは

  5. ご縁街ing in 出雲(街コン事業)のご案内

  6. 特定非営利活動法人祭プラスの個人情報保護方針